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We can't stop time, but we can make you feel like you've got more of it.

Time management is really a misnomer. The challenge is not to manage time, but rather to manage ourselves. The key is not to prioritise what is on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.

A virtual PA or assistant is a professional who provides first class administrative support services to their clients, without ever having to set foot inside their office.


We can answer your calls, manage your emails and book your holidays.  We can’t make you a coffee (though we can order out for one if you want).


As your business grows so will your to do list, often generating seemingly endless administrative tasks. As you spend more and more time replying to emails, sending invoices, updating blogs and generally administering to back-room tasks you will find that you have less time to generate the new business you depend on.


With our With Time Saving Heroes you can outsource you can outsource these tasks that do not add real value to your business (but are still essential to its smooth running) and free up your time to concentrate on what really matters.


Our expert assistants regularly get involved in a whole host of different tasks including:


  • Arranging meetings and corporate hospitality
  • Handling emails, managing diaries and keeping on top of to do lists
  • Researching venues and travel options
  • Typing documents and creating or updating presentations
  • Issuing invoices, chasing payments and maintaining records
  • Writing newsletters
  • Purchasing stationery and equipment
  • Listing products in online stores (eBay, Etsy and e-commerce websites)
  • Internet research


Here at Time Saving Heroes we understand how important it is for businesses to stick to a budget, so we like to keep things simple. We charge a simple flat rate hourly fee, no matter what type of work we are doing.


All of our heroes work on a stopwatch basis which means that you will only be charged for the time they spend working on your particular task(s).  That way you can be assured you are getting precisely what you are paying for (we can even provide you with a breakdown of how that time has been spent if you need us to for no extra charge).


We can also arrange for work to be completed for a fixed price. If you know you need a particular job completing just get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

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Dawn F

The ultimate professional, TSH meets all needs speedily and effectively. Thank you.


The service at Time Saving Heroes is brilliant, they provide our charity a valuable service with a personal touch.

Founder - JWBTC

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